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Hugh Grant reveals he had the Coronavirus

Hugh Grant, who defeated the Coronavirus: It was as if Harvey Weinstein was sitting on my chest.

It turned out that the famous actress Hugh Grant beat the virus. Grant described the symptoms as “Harvey Weinstein was sitting on my chest.”

Hugh Grant said that with his wife Anna Eberstein, they got the coronavirus in February and survived it.

The 60-year-old actor described his symptoms with the words “Harvey Weinstein was sitting on my chest.” Talking about the virus on Stephen Colbert’s TV show, Grunt explained that he still carried Covid-19 antibodies when he got tested a month ago. Grant described what he experienced when he got the virus: “It started as a very strange syndrome followed by a terrible sweat. I felt my eyes were three times bigger. It was a feeling like a big man, Harvey Weinstein or someone else was sitting on my chest. ”

The famous star explained that when his experiences began to be associated with coronavirus symptoms by healthcare professionals, he was panicked when he could not smell any.

Written by Maraaz

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