How will the biggest monopolization case in history affect Apple and Google?

U.S. Department of Justice and 11 states to technology company Google. Filed a lawsuit on the charge of “preventing competition by creating an illegal monopoly”.

According to the information in the case file, Google pays Apple billions of dollars each year. The possibility of ending this agreement has emerged due to the lawsuit. So what will Apple and Google lose in such a situation?

The largest monopolization case in history filed against the US-based technology company Google. Under the agreement, Google is paying Apple about $ 11 billion a year to become the default search engine of Safari, the internet browser for Apple’s smartphone model iPhones.

This figure stands out as one-third of Alphabet’s profit, which includes Google. It is stated that iPhone users make up 50 percent of Google’s search volume. One of these biggest deals in US history, Apple Google cooperation endangered with the lawsuit filed.

The end of this 15-year agreement is the worst scenario for both companies. Because if this agreement ends after the lawsuit, Google does not have an action plan to compensate for the traffic lost. It is stated that it is impossible for the company to direct all iPhone users to Google searches without the agreement. On the Apple side, the biggest loss will be losing one of the most important revenue items. Because 15-20 percent of Apple’s annual profit comes from Google.

Written by Maraaz

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