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Home for killer wasps found in the USA

USA, which suffered heavy losses due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Also been battling killer wasps since last April.

A nest of deadly bees causing a stir in the country has spotted in a small town in Washington state. Hive with 200 giant wasps. It was destroyed by scientists with a vacuum device.

Giant wasps, the size of a matchbox, of Asian origin, have settled especially in the state of Washington, which is neighboring Canada.

The world’s largest wasp with a wingspan of 7 centimeters. Famous for decapitating all other bee species within hours. Its bite is quite fatal to humans. About 50 deaths occur each year in Japan from the stings of giant wasps.

Experts state that giant wasps are primarily a major danger to other bee species. The Asian giant hornet colony can kill about 30,000 bees within a few hours.

Scientists say all Asian hornets seen should be hunted, hoping to destroy their populations before the killer bee queen settles in the United States.

Washington State Department of Agriculture, a small town on the Canadian border. Explained that they discovered a nest in a hollow in a tree in Blaine.

The researchers found the hive with about 200 bees. It destroyed by an operation with intense security measures.

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