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He went to prison at the age of 19, killed 48 people in prison

Da Silva, who broke into theft at the age of 19 in Brazil, killed 48 prisoners. Silva, who formed his own gang inside, is now 42 years old and faces 217 years in prison. Silva has toured many of the country’s prisons over the years.

In Brazil, the crimes of 42-year-old criminal organization leader Marcos Paulo da Silva are on the agenda of the country. Entering theft at the age of 19, da Silva has turned into a criminal organization leader responsible for brutal deaths.

He alleged that he killed 48 people in a career in prison for nearly 25 years when he was tried for being responsible for the deaths of six people. Marcos Paulo da Silva, who founded an organization called Cerol Fininho, kills members of rival gangs. Authorities are struggling to find a prison to send da Silva, who has been sentenced to more than 217 years for his crimes. Stated that the notorious criminal who involved in murder in every prison he went to killed five people in 2011.

Stating that he does not regret what he did, da Silva calls himself “Lucifer”. Da Silva’s main target is the PCC prison gang he used to be a member of. Expected that da Silva, who accuses his old organization of exploiting the oppressed, will continue the murders he committed.

Written by Maraaz

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