Harvey Weinstein to pay $ 17.1 million to victims

Filmmaker Harvey Weinstein in prison, accused of sexual assault by more than 100 women in the US, will pay $ 17.1 million to more than 50 victims.

The compensation to be paid by the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was convicted of sexual abuse and third-degree rape and sentenced to 23 years in prison, has been announced.

Delaware Court judge Mary Walrath approved the liquidation plan that allocated $ 17.1 million to women accusing Weinstein, co-founder of the bankrupt Weinstein Co company, of sexual abuse.

It was stated that insurance companies contributed 35 million dollars under the plan and half of this fund will be divided among more than 50 plaintiffs.

It is stated that the most serious claims will be paid more than $ 500 thousand, and if the victims want to continue their claims, they will give up this compensation.

Written by Maraaz

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