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Harry Potter’s Dumbledore being sued Michael Gambon

To the master actor Michael Gambon, who made a memorable place as Dumbledore of the Harry Potter series. A lawsuit was brought against him for crushing the foot of a cyclist.

Dumbledore of the Harry Potter series, Michael Gambon, was sued for £ 55,000.

According to court documents, the 80-year-old player. He didn’t realize that Toby Clouston was running over him.

After Clouston, 39, who was riding a bike to Gambon, suffered serious damage. It was reported that 55 thousand pounds sterling was filed.

The court documents contained the following statements regarding the claim: “The Land Rover, driven by Sir Michael Gambon, landed on Clouston and passed over his right foot.” “As a result, Clouston fell to the left with his bike between his legs. Sir Michael continued on the road until Clouston caught his attention. “

Written by Maraaz

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