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Government policies protests in France

In France, during the coronavirus pandemic, a demonstration was held against dismissals in public.

In France, during the controversial security bill and the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, a demonstration was held in the public against layoffs.

Thousands of activists gathered at the National Assembly in Paris, marched to the French Businessmen and Industrialists Organization (MEDEF) building.

President Emmanuel Macron and demonstrators carrying anti-government banners and shouting slogans reacted to the security draft law prohibiting the publication of images of the police and gendarmerie on duty and the dismissals in the public and private sectors during the pandemic.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader and presidential candidate of the far-leftist Movement of Unyielding France (LFI), was also present at the show, supported by the General Confederation of Business (CGT) and yellow vests.

Government policies protested in France
CGT member and health worker Isabelle told the correspondent that the draft security law is against freedom.

Stating that the hospital employees were also dismissed, Isabelle stated that the condition of the hospitals worsened due to the dismissal of healthcare professionals.

Stating that hospitals do not have financial resources, Isabelle said that the future of these institutions is in danger under the current conditions.

Julie Durand, one of the demonstrators, also reacted to the dismissals in the public sector.

Stand that he participated in all the demonstrations against the security bill, Durand said, “We want the society to be free and equal and to express themselves freely. The security bill will prevent us from taking action because the images (taken in the demonstrations) are very important. The draft will increase the police and judicial repression.” said.

Underlining that the fight against the bill is important, Durand said, “Macron’s government is conducting authoritarian neo-liberal politics. The politics that society opposes.” commented she.

The action took place under heavy security measures.

Written by Maraaz

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