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Game of Thrones confession from Millie Bobby Brown

One of the brightest future stars in Hollywood, Millie Bobby Brown (16). She confessed that she was turned down in the Game of Thrones audition and that is why she was considering quitting acting.

Young actress Millie Bobby Brown, who received many nominations including Emmy for her character Eleven (11) in the TV series Stranger Things.

When she could not find what she was hoping for in the Game of Thrones auditions, which she attended years ago, she announced that she almost thought to quit acting.

Brown participating in Jimmy Fallon’s show. That she was rejected in the auditions she participated in before. Most of all, she explained that being rejected in the Game of Thrones auditions hurt her.

“I think it hurt me so much to be rejected, which is something I told everyone. This industry has always been full of rejection. Once you get ‘Yes’ you will get ‘No’ over and over again. I was participating in the ad auditions. Then I auditioned for Game of Thrones and got rejected. At the time, I thought ‘This is really hard’ and I think I really wanted that role. ‘

The 16-year-old actress said that HBO made a final attempt for herself, receiving a blessing from the phenomenon series. She said she learned that she was accepted into the Eleven role in the digital platform project via Skype after 2 months.

Shown among the bright future stars of Hollywood. It is known that Millie Bobby Brown’s dream was to portray Amy Winehouse.

Written by Maraaz

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