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Found a 9-carat diamond in the park

A bank manager in the US found a 9-carat diamond while walking through the park in Arkansas state. Said that the lucky diamond was a diamond after the examination of the glass chest.

Diamonds were found in the park in Arkansas, United States.

Kevin Kinard, a bank manager, was walking with his friends through Diamond Crater State Park.

Seeing a bright object on the ground, Kinard took the object that he likened to glass and threw it into his pine.

At the exit of the park where locals go to find diamonds. He showed the body of the glass chest to the authorities. After the examination, it was understood that Kevin Kinard found a 9.07-carat diamond.

Kinard said he had collected all the crystal-like objects from the ground.

The diamond found by the bank manager was recorded as the second largest diamond in the history of the park.

Authorities found 246 diamonds at Diamond Crater State Park this year. The total weight of the diamonds measured 59.25 carats.

Written by Maraaz

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