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First Vice President of Iran, Jahangiri: We are in the last days of US sanctions

First Vice President of Iran Eshaq Jahangiri said that they are experiencing the last days of the US sanctions and that good days are waiting for the country.

In his speech at the oil fair held in the capital Tehran, Jahangiri made evaluations about the sanctions imposed by the USA on Iran and the oil sector in the country.

Reiterating that the country’s foreign currency income has decreased by more than $ 100 billion due to US sanctions, Jahangiri said:

“We are in the last days of the US sanctions. We will see good days in the country with the lifting of the sanctions. Winter is over and good days are waiting for the Iranian people. Those who try to put an obstacle to the government instead of fighting against the USA are embarrassed.”

Stating that the oil sales did not stop despite the sanctions, Jahangiri said, “We broke a record in oil and petroleum products exports in recent months. Trump, who wants to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero, should know that our oil exports have quadrupled compared to previous years.” he spoke.

Written by Maraaz

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