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Fire near US Congress causes brief panic

In the USA, the situation in the Congress campus, which was closed to entrance and exit after the fire in its vicinity, returned to normal.


In Washington, where extraordinary security measures were taken for Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, January 20, the fire near the Congress building caused panic.

After the smoke started to rise near the congress, entrance and exit to the campus were stopped.

Rehearsals for Biden’s oath ceremony were also interrupted.

The situation returned to normal after it was understood that the smoke was due to a fire that broke out when the tents were ignited in an area where the homeless were staying near the Congress campus.

In the raid in the US Congress on January 6, 5 people, including one police officer, died and dozens were injured. During the FBI’s ongoing investigation, at least 160 cases were reported against.

The impeachment clause for US President Donald Trump, accused by the Democrats of “incitement to rebellion,” was accepted in the vote in the House of Representatives. Whether Trump is guilty of Congress events will be decided in a vote in the Senate.

Written by Maraaz

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