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Famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin dies

Famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin passed away at the age of 98. French fashion designer Pierre Cardin died at the age of 98. According to the statement made by the French Academy of Fine Arts on Twitter.


Born on July 2, 1922, Pierre Cardin’s interest in clothing and architecture began at a young age. Cardin started learning sewing with a tailor in 1936.

Cardin, who volunteered for the Red Cross during World War II, with his family moving to Paris in 1945. She had the opportunity to work with famous fashion designers of the period, Jeanne Paquin, Christian Bernard and Elsa Schiaparelli.

The fashion designer who developed his profession alongside Christian Dior between 1947 and 1950, started the haute couture movement in 1950. He developed it in the Maison De Couture store he opened in his name. In 1957 he opened the first menswear outlet “Eve”.

After his Japan trip in 1959, he created his first ready-to-wear collection. In 1963, tight, body-hugging garment played a role in the spread of tights to the world. It opened the “Espace Cardin” store in Paris in 1971.

The Beatles group presented original designs to many artist groups such as sculptors and actors. In 1980, he opened the Retrospestive exhibition at the “Metropolitan Clock Museum” in New York, exhibiting his 30 years of work.

Cardin, whose name and works spread to many parts of the world from the People’s Republic of China to Hungary, from the UK to the Soviet Union. Continued to create fashion not only in clothing. But also in areas such as jewelry, perfume, restaurant chain, stationery.

Pierre Cardin, who has become the pioneer of the fashion world.

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