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EU will delay vaccine certification, deter unnecessary travel “stronger”

The European Union (EU) decided to postpone the issuance of “vaccination certificates” to people to be vaccinated against the new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19), and to “strongly deter” all unnecessary travel within the EU and with third countries due to the emergence of faster spreading types of the virus.

Leaders of EU member states held a meeting via video conferencing to discuss issues such as the supply and distribution of vaccines against Covid-19, certification of vaccines, and measures against the spread of the pandemic.

At the end of the meeting, EU Council President Charles Michel and the President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who gave information to the press, stated that they are concerned about the spread of the new strains of Coronavirus in Europe and that they aim to strongly deter non-compulsory travel within the EU and between the EU and other countries, indicating the risk areas. reported that they suggest adding a new category to the map.

Expressing that the regions to be displayed in “dark red” will refer to places in the EU where the virus is spreading very quickly, von der Leyen said, “People coming from these may need to be tested before travel and quarantine after travel.”

Von der Leyen stated that negative PCR test results before travel can be requested from those coming from outside the borders of the EU. Stressing that they are against the closure of wholesale borders, von der Leyen said that the borders should remain open for the transportation of goods and services in the domestic market.

Von der Leyen reminded that the decision to open or close their borders belongs to the EU countries and that they can undertake the coordination as the Commission.


Explaining that the issue of granting certificates to those who are vaccinated, which can be advantageous in situations such as travel, is also discussed by the leaders, von der Leyen emphasized that documenting the vaccination of people is a medical requirement, but the advantages of such a document should be carefully considered.

Von der Leyen stated:

“There are different variables we have to consider right now. For example, does the vaccination prevent the virus from being transmitted from the vaccinated person to others? We do not know that. We also do not know how long the vaccine will be effective. How will you protect the rights of those who have not yet had access to the vaccine? “How will you protect citizens’ personal data? These are unanswered questions. So later, when the time comes, we will need an in-depth discussion on vaccination certification and a consensus among member states.”


Von der Leyen stated that they can vaccinate 380 million people corresponding to 85 percent of the EU population in a few months with the next vaccines, and they can have more doses than needed, “The poorer countries see themselves behind in accessing the Covid-19 vaccine.” he spoke.

Stating that they are one of the biggest supporters of the Covax program for countries with limited access to vaccines, von der Leyen said, “Under Covax, I suggested that an EU mechanism be established to ensure that these countries have access to vaccines until large amounts of vaccines are delivered to poor countries.” used the expression.

“This is also in our best interest. The longer the virus remains in the world, the more the risk of mutation will increase, and our own health will be at risk,” Von der Leyen said.


“We are aware that restrictive measures need to continue and in some cases to be stricter,” said Charles Michel, President of the European Council. he spoke.

Pointing out that they are evaluating the developments about the new types of the virus, Michel pointed out that it is necessary to identify new species and speed up information sharing on this issue. “We must be careful about the virus’s mutations and contain this virus,” Michel said. He spoke in the form.

Michel stated that they also consider taking recommendations regarding non-compulsory travels, and that they will provide cooperation and coordination among member countries on this issue. “We cannot disrupt the EU Single Market,” Michel said. Found the assessment.


Reminding that various vaccines have been developed against Covid-19, Michel reminded that the EU has guaranteed a large number of doses with contracts. “The leaders want vaccinations to be accelerated. Companies need to meet their commitments on vaccination,” Michel said. he spoke.

Stating that the leaders agree on the distribution of vaccines in proportion to the populations in EU countries and at the same time, Michel said, “We will examine all possibilities to accelerate the vaccination process, prevent delays and early distribution.” said.

Written by Maraaz

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