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Election tension on the streets of the USA: female protester spat in police face

While the vote counts continued in the US elections, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, demanded that the vote count stopped, claiming that there was interference in the election.

Trump supporters took to the streets and staged a “Stop the vote count” protest.

Those who supported the Democrat candidate Joe Biden filled the streets with the slogan “Every vote should counted”.

People took to the streets in many cities, especially the capital city of Washington DC, New York and Chicago. It stated that 60 people were detained in the protests, which intensified as the protesters headed towards the West Village.

The 24-year-old protester, identified as Devina Sing, shouted at the police, “Our right to action, stop the vote count”.

Sing had the police spit in the face when the police did not react. The female protester later detained after the police intervention.

The National Guard has stepped in to intervene in protests in many cities.

Written by Maraaz

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