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Earthquakes in Chile, Antarctica and Colombia

An earthquake of 5.8 magnitude occurred near Santiago, the capital of Chile, 6.9 in Antarctica near the South Shetland Islands, and 5.1 in Colombia, the South American country.

Buenos Aires / Bogota

The US Geological Research Center (USGS) announced that the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in Chile was at a depth of 110 kilometers, in the region about 45 kilometers from the capital Santiago.

After the earthquake, where loss of life and property was not reported yet, there was no “tsunami” warning.

The National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security (ONEMI), Twitter and called for the abandonment of the beaches in the area.

5.1 magnitude earthquake in Colombia

According to the statement made by the Colombian Geological Service (SGC), at 16.12 local time, a 5.1-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the town of Baraya in the Huila administrative district.

SGC announced that the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred at a depth of 30 kilometers was Baraya in the southwest of the country.

Authorities reported that there was no loss of life or property in the earthquake.

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