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‘Don’t come now’ message for thousands of immigrants departing from the Biden administration to the US

It has been reported that the US elected President Joe Biden’s administration has given a message to “come now” to thousands of immigrants who set out in the United States hoping for asylum.

A senior official from Biden’s close team spoke yesterday to NBC News about immigration policies in the new era.

“The situation at the border will not change overnight,” he said, regarding immigration policies in the Biden era. used the expression.

The official, who did not give information about the approach of the new administration to the situation, said that those who hoped to apply for asylum in the US in the first weeks of the Biden administration should know that this will not happen immediately.

“There is help on the way, but now is not the time to make the trip,” he said of thousands of immigrants on their way to the US border crossings. said.

In the days when President Donald Trump, known for his anti-immigration policies, is preparing to hand over the seat to Biden, Central American immigrants see the change of administration as a unique opportunity to cross the border, due to Biden’s promise to end harsh immigration policies.

According to the news in the country press, about 11,000 immigrants, most of them from Honduras, are on their way to the US borders.

Written by Maraaz

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