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Diana documentary is coming from Oscar-winning producers

Princess Diana’s life becomes a documentary once again. This time, Oscar and Emmy award-winning filmmakers Simon and Jonathan Chinn. The documentary will prepare will shown both on TV and in movie theaters.

Production team Altitude and Lightbox led by Oscar and Emmy-winning filmmakers Simon and Jonathan Chinn. They come together for the Princess Diana documentary and announced that the production will also released in theaters.

The documentary named Diana will draw on thousands of hours of news reports, never-before-seen footage and photographs directed by Ed Perkins (Tell Me Who I Am) to tell the story of the princess who died in Paris in 1997.

In the summer of 2022, after Princess Diana’s departure from the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. It will be the 25th anniversary of her death in a traffic accident. HBO and Sky received the TV rights to the documentary in the US and UK respectively, and will air it after theaters.

Altitude, the UK distributor behind Amy and Louis Theroux’s films like My Scientology Movie. It manages global sales and will release the production theatrically in the UK and Ireland.

“While we’re telling a story that has been told many times, our goal is to re-present it for a modern audience and make it feel as new as ever,” says Perkins. The idea of just taking the archive approach. It will allow us to immerse the audience in the story as if it were being told at that moment. We want to present this version of Diana’s life in a more emotional and unmediated way than previously done. We preferred to take viewers to their memories rather than re-analyzing this or presenting another retrospective comment.

The producers will Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn for Lightbox, while the editor will be BAFTA Award winner Jinx Godfrey.

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