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Despite the pandemic in the US, 10.2 million people traveled in the last 10 days

In 6 of the last 10 days, when 10.2 million passengers traveled in total, the number of daily passengers exceeded 1 million. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has to leave airports due to the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The US Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) announced that the number of passengers traveling in the last 10 days has reached 10.2 million.

TSA officials, despite warnings of health officials not to travel for concern of increasing new types of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases.

That they passed 1.28 million passengers through security screening yesterday. The highest number of passengers recorded since the outbreak started in March.

Fauci; “The reason for my concern is that there may be an increase in cases after Christmas and New Year. If you look at the trend of cases in late autumn and early winter, the situation is really disturbing. The next few weeks could get much worse. “

Written by Maraaz

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