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Danger in paper cups

Scientific research: Paper cups emit billions of microplastic particles. High levels of microplastic particles have been reported when paper cups come into contact with hot beverages.

It was detected in the study conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology. Experts in the study poured pure water at 85-90 degrees Celsius into paper cups and left them for 15 minutes. Then the water in paper cups was analyzed under a fluorescence microscope.

In the study, it was observed that about 10.2 billion sub-micron particles were released from a paper cup in contact with hot liquid.

“A person who drinks an average of 3 normal cups of tea or coffee a day in a paper cup will swallow 75 thousand microplastic particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye.” Experts pointed out that regular particle ingestion over time can have serious effects on human health.

Written by Maraaz

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