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Covid: Donald Trump and Melania test positive

US President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melania Trump had a positive Covid-19 test. Trump and his wife are under quarantine.

US President Trump announced that he infected with the coronavirus with a statement he made on his Twitter account.

In his statement, Trump said, “Tonight our First Lady and my Covid-19 test were positive. We will start the quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will go through this process together.”

Trump recently, after his counselor Hope Hicks tested positive for Covid-19. He had announced that he and his wife would start the quarantine process.

Hicks, one of Trump’s close advisors, has been one of the names of the US President’s many election trips recently.

In a written statement from the White House, the official statement of Trump’s doctor Sean Conley about the tests in question was shared.

The statement included the information that the latest Covid-19 tests of Trump and his wife Melania Trump were positive. “Right now both the President and the First Lady are doing well and they will both stay home inside the White House during the recovery process.”

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Written by Maraaz

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