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Covid-19 restrictions tightened in London

Within the scope of new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures in London, the capital of England. Members of different households are prohibited from meeting indoors such as homes, bars or restaurants.

Health Minister Matt Hancock in a statement in the House of Commons. Covid-19 “deadly” and “spread exponentially” in the country. Stating that the situation in some parts of the country is “serious”, Hancock. It announced that second-stage restrictions will be applied in 9 cities, including York and Essex, as well as London.

The Minister of Health explained that restrictions involving prohibition of meeting members of different households in indoor places such as houses, bars or restaurants will apply from Saturday and called out to Londoners, “We can beat this if we work together.”

In his statement in the morning, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that the virus “spread rapidly to every corner of the city”, 3-stage restrictions were prepared as “medium”, “high” and “very high”, which will come into play depending on the rate of increase of the virus in the country.

The first phase includes limiting gatherings to 6 people in indoor or outdoor areas, and closing bars and restaurants at 22.00.

In the second phase, different household members are prohibited from meeting indoors, while the third phase envisages the closure of bars and restaurants in addition to these measures.

While the third-stage restrictions are only applied in Liverpool, the evaluations regarding Manchester’s inclusion in this scope continue.

While Covid-19 was detected in 19 thousand 724 people in the UK yesterday, the number of people who died due to the virus increased by 137 to 43 thousand 155.

Written by Maraaz

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