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Coronavirus deaths in Iran 3 times more than described

While the number of cases is approaching 20 million due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which is seen all over the world, new facts and claims about the country’s handling of the epidemic are also emerging.
According to leaked government documents, Iran, one of the countries most affected by the virus at the beginning of the epidemic, had three times more Covid-19 deaths than officially announced.

According to the news that the BBC is based on a source that did not reveal its name, there have been 3 times more deaths in the Middle Eastern country of Iran than the government officially announced since the start of the pandemic.

Documents claiming that the British media organization belongs to the state stated that, contrary to 14 thousand 405 deaths announced in Iran until July 20, approximately 42 thousand deaths occurred in the country.
However, the said documents; It has been announced that there are many details about daily applications to hospitals across Iran, including the names, ages, genders, symptoms, the date and length of hospital times, and the underlying conditions that patients may have.

The BBC explained that the details on the lists match the data of the international follow-up centers, suggesting that the actual number of cases in the country is almost twice that of the description. Accordingly, on July 20, 451 thousand people in the country had burned Covid-19, but the government announced only 278 thousand 827 of them.

Iraj Harirchi, Deputy Minister of Health of Iran, was caught in Covid-19 in February.

On the other hand, it was stated in the news that a second wave began in Iran last week and the virus appeared in the country almost a month before February 19, when the first case was announced.
On January 22, the virus was allegedly confirmed in the country, but at the time, Ministry of Health officials were determined to acknowledge that there were no single cases of corona viruses in the country, despite reports from Iranian journalists and warnings from various medical professionals.
Afterwards, 52 people died due to Covid-19 in the process before the official acceptance.

There were 52 deaths 28 days before the first official admission on 19 February.

On the other hand, former Iranian Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Rahmetullah Hafiz also suggested that the first new type of corona virus (Covid-19) case in the country was seen 45 days before February 19, when the official announcement was made.

Other information highlighted in the report published by the BBC is as follows;

– Capital Tehran has the highest mortality rate, with 8 thousand 20 people dying with Covid-19 or similar symptoms.

– The city of Kum, which is the first epicenter of the corona virus in Iran, is the worst city in the country in proportion to 1,419 deaths.

– It is noteworthy that 1,916 deaths throughout the country are not Iranian citizens. This indicates a disproportionate number of deaths among immigrants and refugees, mostly from neighboring Afghanistan.

However, the overall trend of cases and deaths in leaked data is similar to official reports, albeit in different dimensions. Only the first increase in deaths is much steeper than the figures of the Ministry of Health and corresponds to five times the official figure in mid-March.

On the other hand, according to official figures, the loss of life due to coronavirus has increased to 17 thousand 190 and the number of cases to 309 thousand 437 as of today.

Written by Maraaz

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