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Chinese and Indian troops allegedly fighting again at the border

It was alleged that Chinese and Indian troops were once again engaged in combat in the border area.

According to reports in the Indian press, soldiers clashed three days ago at the Naku La pass in the northern state of Sikkim, between Nepal and Bhutan, in India, with injuries from both sides.

Chinese and Indian troops clashed in the Galvan Valley in the northwest of the border in Ladak region in June 2020, with 20 Indian soldiers killed in the incident.

The uncertain border line surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains between the two countries causes sovereignty disputes between China and India. The 3,500-kilometer border with streams, lakes, glaciers and snowy peaks frequently brings the sides against each other.

Beijing administration claims 90 thousand square kilometers of land in India’s state of Arunachal Pradesh, which it calls “South Tibet”, while New Delhi claims that 38 thousand square kilometers of land covering Aksay China plateaus is occupied by China.

While the parties could not resolve their sovereignty disputes despite long-standing negotiations, the tension between the two countries increased in 2017 after China tried to extend the border road in the region to a controversial plateau.

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