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Cardi B reacted to racist comments after bag sharing

Cardi B, who was on the agenda with his reaction to the police during the arrest of his wife Offset on the grounds that he threatened Trump supporters. Now they talk with their bags. The 28-year-old singer reacted to racist comments after sharing a photo of her new bag.

Cardi B, one of the most earning names in the music industry and known for its expensive bag sharing She encountered racist comments when she shared the bags she bought on Sunday on her Instagram account.

A social media troll said that no matter how expensive the bags are, they are losing value because a black woman bought them.

Responding to the criticism of the expensive bag collection, the 28-year-old singer released a video.

Cardi B posted on Twitter, “I was there and there were other female rappers. They were talking about whether we could buy bags in the store and how we were reducing the value of these bags. And I find this really interesting because first of all, of course I can buy bags. Essentially I bought 4 bags today.”

Cardi B also said that white artists have not encountered such scrutiny and continued: “Why are you asking female rappers if they can buy these bags? You’re not doing that to white celebrities. Another thing is about the devaluation of bags, actually, when we talk about brands in the hip-hop world, we increase their value. ”

The singer’s husband, Offset, also shared the receipt showing the amount of the bags from his Instagram account. According to the information on the receipt, Cardi B’s bags cost 130 thousand dollars.

Written by Maraaz

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