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The king of Thailand whose scandals never end can declared unwanted in Germany. King of Thailand, who appointed himself an “official lover” only three months after his marriage. Left his country hit by the pandemic and closed in an ultra-luxury hotel in Germany with his harem.

After the nude photo scandal of his official lover, he is now on the agenda of Germany. When the German Government said it would be unacceptable for the King to do politics from Germany. opposition lawmakers demanded that he be declared persona non grata (persona non grata).

As the streets of Thailand, where anti-monarchy protests were taking place, made headlines. The country shaken by a nude photo scandal.

The disgrace grew even more when more than 1,400 inappropriate photographs graced newspaper headlines around the world. The king is now on the agenda in Germany, where he is closed to the luxury hotel with his 20 concubines.

The German Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn did not need a visa to re-enter Germany, where the ruler spent most of his time since taking the throne in 2016.

The 68-year-old King returned to Thailand in October amidst student-led mass protests demanding. The restriction of the new powers he received and the resignation of the prime minister.

Despite all the protests, the king spent most of 2020 with his harem in the ultra-luxury hotel in Germany. It is unclear whether Vajiralongkorn and his harem. Known as King Rama X, are planning to return to Bavaria.

Although the hotels had to be closed due to the pandemic, he and his surroundings created a crisis in both his country and Germany and were widely criticized for staying at the hotel during the first coronavirus quarantine.

Written by Maraaz

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