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Bruce Springsteen competes with young people with his physique

Famous singer Bruce Springsteen has proven that he has defied years with new holiday photos. The 71-year-old musician brought stones to the youth with his physique.

World-famous American singer, guitarist and composer Bruce Springsteen spotted vacationing on the Hamptons beach in the USA.

Photographs taken by the 71-year-old artist while swimming in the sea revealed his physique that did not deteriorate despite his age.

Springsteen, who put stones at the teenagers, did not neglect to smile at the paparazzi viewing him.

A musician who started his musical life in the 1960s, playing with various bands and blending folk and rock. He continued his career as a solo singer-songwriter since 1972.

Springsteen was spotted with his last wife, Sam Springsteen, at the ceremony for his son, a fireman, to join the fire brigade.

Written by Maraaz

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