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Breaking news: Hours are left until the big day, here are the last predictions

While the world is locked in the results of tomorrow’s US elections. Recent polls put Democratic candidate Joe Biden ahead by a large margin.

According to the survey of the USA based website named “Real Clear Politics”. Republican US President Donald Trump, nine points behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

According to the survey; Democrat Biden also has an advantage over Trump in most of the critical states where the election results are determined.

American statistician and author Nate Silver is of the opinion that the results are “guaranteed” …

Biden watches 47.7 in the state of Arizona and 46.5 points in Trump. In this state, Trump outscored his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton by 3.6 points. In Florida, Biden looks ahead of Trump by 1.6 points. In Iowa, Trump can score a difference of 0.7 points to his opponent with 46.5 points.

The difference is quite high in Michigan. Biden, who is expected to score 49.8 points, is well ahead of Trump, who appears at 44.7 points … Other states where Trump appears to be ahead are: Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina …

Among the critical states, Biden is seen as 49.7 percent in Pennsylvania, 45.4 percent in Trump, 50.7 percent in Wisconsin, and 44.1 percent in Trump. In Ohio, Biden is at 47 percent and Trump is in the 46.8 points.

Written by Maraaz

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