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Brad Pitt visits ex Angelina Jolie’s home

Brad Pitt, one of the two who divorced but whose custody cases are ongoing. Brad Pitt allegedly went to Angelina Jolie’s mansion where she lived with her six children.

Brad Pitt, who divorced last year but continued custody cases. It alleged that Brad Pitt went to Angelina Jolie’s mansion in Loz Feliz, where she lived with her six children.

A source close to the star actor who stayed there for an hour and a half stated that Pitt wanted to make peace with Jolie for the sake of her children.

The same source stated that Pitt desperately wanted to put an end to this ugliness they had experienced with Jolie over the past four years.

It claimed that Pitt, who preferred the main door when entering the house, preferred the secret door he had never used before.

The custody battle of their children continues between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who took their 10-year partnership into marriage in 2014 but decided to leave two years later.

Written by Maraaz

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