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Bob Dylan’s papers sold

Documents containing unpublished song lyrics of Nobel Prize-winning American singer Bob Dylan sold at auction for $ 495,000.

In the city of Boston R.R. At the auction organized by the Auction Auction House. Documents from the personal collection of Bob Dylan’s close friend, blues guitarist Tony Glover, are on sale.

Documents consisting of the records of Glover’s interviews with Dylan in 1971 and the letters he sent to Glover found buyers for $ 495 thousand. It stated that the letters included lyrics that Dylan had not published before.

When asked why Dylan changed his name from Robert Zimmerman in an unearthed interview with Glover. It stated that he stated that he preferred this period to avoid anti-Semitist (anti-Jewish) definitions in American society.

It noted that Dylan used the phrase “Most people think Jews are just merchants or moneylenders.”

Written by Maraaz

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