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Blackpink panda targets criticism for Fu Bao

South Korean pop group Blackpink. The baby has been the target of criticism in China for embracing the panda without hygienic gloves.

Fu Bao, the first panda born in South Korea, appeared in promotional footage of Blackpink’s online reality show Blackpink on 24/365. However, the embrace of the group members without the baby panda without gloves sparked reaction.

Animal lovers condemned Blackpink for the possibility of infecting the baby panda with dangerous microbes. In China, the homeland of the endangered species, people accused K-pop stars of harming the health of three-month-old Fu Bao. In fact, campaigns launched on social media to have South Korea return the panda to China.

Blackpink’s music company YG Entertainment announced that it postponed the broadcast of the show after criticism.

When zoo attendants and veterinarians present at the time of registration, insisted that all measures taken to protect the animal’s health.

Written by Maraaz

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