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Bill Gates: Forget about business travel and your old office life

Bill Gates made predictions about travel and working life after the coronavirus outbreak. Gates said, “Forget about business travel, forget your old office life”, and said that even if the pandemic is over, people’s lives will not be the same.

Business and working life that had to change due to the coronavirus pandemic. Stating that he will not return to pre-epidemic levels even in the future. Bill Gates; “My prediction is that more than 50 percent of business travel and more than 30 percent of days in the office will disappear.”

He answered questions at the DealBook Conference organized by The New York Times.

Stating that the biggest change that the epidemic will leave in the business world will be in business travels, Gates. Fundamental changes in office work and business travel this year due to coronavirus. It will not go away even after the pandemic has subsided.

Written by Maraaz

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