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Biden continues to bring Obama-era names to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

US President-elect Joe Biden continues to nominate former diplomats who served under Barack Obama for different positions within the State Department.

Biden’s team, which will take an oath on January 20, announced new candidates for some positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Accordingly, Biden nominated Wendy Sherman, who currently teaches at Harvard University, for the post of Deputy Secretary of State, and Victoria Nuland for the Undersecretary for Political Affairs.

Sherman was noted as the chief negotiator at the head of the team conducting nuclear negotiations with Iran on behalf of the United States in 2015 during Obama’s second term.

Nuland, on the other hand, was working as the Undersecretary of European Affairs at the US Department of State at the time of the Ukraine crisis.

On the other hand, Brian McKeon will be appointed as the Deputy Secretary for Administrative Affairs, while Ned Price, who undertook important duties in the White House National Security Council during Obama’s term, will be the ministry spokesman.

Written by Maraaz

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