Bella Hadid: I found my light again

Bella Hadid, the model who recently parted her ways with her beloved The Weeknd, stated that she turned into the pandemic period with her social media account. Hadid said, “I returned to myself, I found my strength and light again.”

American model Bella Hadid announced that she turned to improve herself during the pandemic period. 24-year-old Hadid, who shared a post on his social media account, said, “I returned to myself, I found my strength and light again.”

Making a statement on the subject, Bella Hadid said, “I am only here to help people who are suffering, to be a means of peace and love.” The famous model, who stated that she read a lot of books in this process, did not neglect to recommend the same to her followers.

But Bella Hadid, one of the most popular models of the last few years, was how she spent 24 hours before the pandemic. The 20-year-old model says she is the fastest dresser among her colleagues, “I listen to Beyonce and Rihanna while I’m getting ready. It takes 15 minutes to put on makeup. I eat protein-heavy. I watch Family Guy and Black Mirror in the evenings.” Here is a day from coffee to night sleep with the narration of Bella Hadid …

When I need to wake up early because of my job, I usually get up at 6.30 am and stretch.

I get ready in five minutes and manage to get out of the house just in time in a way I don’t understand how.

I go to work every day. When it’s done, I immediately go back to my home and bed.

If I have no work in the morning, I prefer to have breakfast at home. I prepare eggs and sausages for myself or stop by the bagel shop under my apartment. I usually like eggs on a plain bagel.

I check my emails on my phone while on the road. My personal account only gets five emails a day. I used to get messages from a lot of irrelevant brands that I didn’t understand how I got on their charts.

If I’m bored with hair and makeup on set, I’ll FaceTime with my friends or call them after work. During the shoot, I concentrate on work and never look at my phone.

I have low blood sugar, so I have to eat constantly. I usually eat salmon or chicken and vegetables at lunchtime. Another preference of mine is pasta. I eat a protein-heavy diet because heavy meals make me feel weak.

I order green vegetable juices while on set and drink water during the day. If my energy is low, I definitely drink ginger water cold. I am also very fond of coffee; I’d have three espressos before noon.

If I am in New York and I am free at noon, I go to the ceramic workshop. Since we’ve been here with my brother Gigi since childhood, it’s now like our home. While thinking about what to do on an ordinary Saturday, we suddenly find ourselves there. In the workshop, I recently created a skull shaped mug. I also love to design gifts for my friends. In this way, I give them a personalized gift.

If I am somewhere different from the city where I live, like Paris, I take my time to explore. Spending time with my family and dinners are what makes me happiest in New York. We usually have dinner with my family at 18:00. Since eating early became a habit, I continued this tradition when I became an adult and started living alone.

If I’m alone, I sit at the dinner table at 19.30. I used to cook regularly for myself, but now I order as soon as I leave work and my food is ready when I get home. My favorite dish is sauteed kale. I also discover new restaurants when I do a cooking program.

I get ready in the evenings very easily if I know what to wear. I am the fastest prepared person among my friends. While I wait for them, I throw myself a little dance party with Rihanna and Beyonce pieces. In happy or unhappy moments I think it’s great to listen to both!

It takes me 15 minutes to put on makeup. I use foundations that brighten my face. I apply concealer under my eyes and sometimes all over my face. I apply the powder to my cheekbones. I also get a glow when I use it on my eyelids.

My friends usually want to meet late, around 22.00, but this means bed time for me. Since I work every day, I cannot stay outside much. But I love to watch TV late at home without doing anything.

Before I go to sleep, I steam in the shower and then apply a face mask. As soon as I go to bed, I fall asleep. The same is true when I get on a plane. Even if I am in a sitting position, I can sleep right away.

Written by Maraaz

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