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Bars and restaurants started to close early in the UK as part of Covid-19 measures

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases. Within the scope of restrictions imposed on the grounds that it “reached a dangerous turning point”. Bars and restaurants closed at 22:00.

The practice of closing restaurants and bars taken to combat the Covid-19 epidemic in England at 22:00 has started.

It seen that these workplaces started to warn their customers before the new closing time, and employees started to collect tables and chairs outside.

Police also warned businesses by inspecting the entertainment venues.

The streets remained mostly empty, especially with the closing of entertainment venues.

Businesses that do not comply with the new 6-month measures will be fined 10 thousand pounds sterling.

The government aims to reduce the cases of coronaviruses that have spread among young people in recent months, with new restrictions targeting especially bars and restaurants.

Under the new measures, the obligation to wear a mask will also apply to retail stores, taxis and the accommodation sector.

Plans to partially reopen the stadiums on October 1 will not come to life.

The number of people attending wedding ceremonies will also be reduced from 30 to 15.

With the detection of Covid-19 in 6,634 people on September 24 in the country, the highest number of cases seen since the beginning of the epidemic reached.

Government science advisor Patrick Vallance in England, where the highest number of deaths in Europe with 41,902. Noting that Covid-19 cases increase 2 times every week, in a statement made on September 20. He warned that if it continued in this way, 50 thousand cases could be seen daily in mid-October.

Written by Maraaz

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