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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: Google’s ad dominance must be addressed

The Australian competition agency says Google’s ad dominance needs to be addressed. Google has threatened to shut down the country’s main search engine if the bill is passed, which forces local media outlets to pay.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has published an interim report of the investigation into the country’s Google-dominated digital advertising services.

Noting that “there is a real lack of competition, choice and transparency” in the digital industry, “its remarkable presence in the entire ad technology supply chain, combined with its distinct data advantage,” said Rod Sims, chairman of the commission, pointed out that Google is, in a way, the choice of its own advertising technology businesses. He pointed out that he may have the ability to encourage his education.

Stating that during the investigation process, the parties expressed concerns about potential conflicts of interest due to Google’s various roles in the industry, Sims said, “This is why Google often acts on behalf of advertisers and publishers for the same ad sales in the ad technology supply chain, while also selling its own ad inventory. covers. ” made its evaluation.

Sims suggested that Australia address the issue and introduce rules to manage conflicts of interest and prevent Google from potentially choosing its own businesses.

The Commission will comment on whether Google violated Australian competition law by abusing market power. The final report will be given to the Australian government on 31 August.

Threat from Google and Facebook
Meanwhile, Google threatened to shut down the main search engine in Australia and block news sharing on Facebook if the bill forcing the company to pay for the content it publishes to local media outlets is accepted.

The Australian government has drafted a bill that will force US tech giants to make a fair payment to Australian news organizations for their content.

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