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Arsenal 0-1 Burnley Match Result

A first in the history of Arsenal in 61 years! In week 12 of the Premier League, Arsenal hosted Burnley on its court. The guest team won 1-0, scoring 3 points. Arsenal suffered their 4th consecutive defeat at home for the first time since the 1959-60 season.

Arsenal, who started the season failing to meet the expectations, continued its bad course against Burnley, which it hosted at the Emirates Stadium.

Burnley won 1-0 in the 73rd minute with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s own goal. At Arsenal, Granit Xhaka saw a red card in the 58th minute, leaving 10 members of the team.

With this result, Burnley, who increased his score to 9, rose to 17th place, while Arsenal with 13 points ranked 15th.

Written by Maraaz

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