Android 11 Update Coming to Xiaomi Mi A3 Makes Phone Completely Unusable

Xiaomi has started to distribute the Android 11 update for the Mi A3 model. But it is stated that there is a serious problem with the update.

According to users, the phone becomes completely unusable after the Android 11 update is installed. China-based technology giant Xiaomi has started to release the Android 11 update for the Mi A3 model, which was introduced last year as part of the Android One program. The update, which is approximately 1.4 GB in size, brings all Android 11 features as well as system improvements.

However, preliminary reports show that not everything may be completely fine with the update. So we recommend waiting a few more days.

According to the posts on XDA forums, the devices of some users who updated the Xiaomi Mi A3 phone to Android 11 became completely dysfunctional. Users who installed the update report that their phones are no longer responding and have become unusable.

Since the update is still very recent, it is not known whether all users are affected by the issue.

The Android 11 update is not the first time the Xiaomi Mi A3 is having problems. With an update released earlier this year, the dual SIM feature on the phone was disabled. Although Xiaomi later released a bug fix and fixed the problem, the situation seems more serious this time. For this reason, you’d better wait a bit before upgrading to Android 11.

Mi A3, one of the smartphones that Xiaomi has included in the Android One program, came out of the box with Android 9 Pie. The device, which later received an Android 10 upgrade, will probably have received the latest update with Android 11, but it is expected to receive security updates for another year.

Written by Maraaz

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