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Andre Rieu thinks to sell his 400-year-old violin

The famous Dutch violinist Andre Rieu said that if the crisis in the music market continues due to the coronavirus pandemic, he will sell his 400-year-old Stradivarius brand violin in order to protect his orchestra and not to fire his employees.

In addition to open-air concerts in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Rieu, who organizes mass events in many corners of the world with his orchestra, has been at home for about a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Saying that the coronavirus measures have turned into a nightmare for the music market, the Dutch artist is afraid of not being able to maintain the music he calls my life’s work.

“Sitting at home is horrible. Sometimes I really get tears up,” said the 71-year-old conductor, who was a guest on the regional L1 radio in Maastricht, where he lives.

Expressing that he misses making music, being on stage, and worldwide fans, Andre Rieu’s biggest concern is not being able to keep the Johann Strauss Orchestra he founded.

Saying that he will do everything in his power not to dismiss the orchestra members. The artist said; “If the epidemic still continues and state support is cut, I cannot deal with it. Then I will sell my Stradivarius.”

The Stradivarius-made violin, which Rieu calls a part of my life, is 400 years old, with a market value of more than a few million euros. Stating that he is serious about selling the musical instrument with a market value of more than a few million euros now and he feels responsible. Rieu emphasized that he will not allow the musical life he founded with his orchestra to disappear.

Due to the pandemic, many events, including Rieu Nun Christmas concerts and open-air summer concerts in Maastricht, had to postponed.

Written by Maraaz

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