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Although Kate Middleton gets the title of queen, she won’t have powers

Everyone expects Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, who will take the throne of Great Britain after her grandmother and father, to become queen one day. But the truth is not quite as it seems.

Kate Middleton will of course get a title as King William’s wife, but she won’t really be a queen. Let’s see what will change in Middleton’s life when his wife, Prince William, enters the throne …

Queen Elizabeth II of England will first transfer the throne to her son Prince Charles. Then it will be the turn of Charles’ son, Prince William. In this case, her husband Kate Middleton will also be the queen, but with a slight twist.

Kate Middleton will receive the title of queen’s wife and non-monarch when her husband takes the throne. When William becomes king, he will also be titled Head of State, Head of the Anglican Church, and Head of the British Armed Forces. Middleton will also share her husband’s social status, having duties to fulfill as a member of the royal family. But she will not have any say in running her country.

Again, according to the rules, queens who are the wives of a king cannot inherit the throne from their wives at death. Instead, the next children, who come after their wives, take the throne.

Historically, non-monarch queens, referred to as kings’ consort, are those who entered the family through marriage. In this way, those who became queens had pioneered some issues in the field of culture and fashion, although they could not have a say in the administration of the country, but did not have constitutional effects.

There is a different situation for Prince Charles’ wife Camilla, who will take the throne after Queen Elizabeth II. Because she won’t be the royal wife like Kate Middleton, she. When her husband becomes king, the title she will receive is princess. There are two reasons for this officially announced situation. The first is the public reaction to Camilla Parker Bowles’ title of royal wife. The British royal family, fearing the reaction of Camilla’s taking the title of wife of king, the public still loving Princess Diana, did not want to allow such a situation.

The second reason is that it is the second marriage of both Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. This is also against the rules of the Anglican Church.

Written by Maraaz

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