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Alice Evans: I’ve been experiencing psychological violence for a long time

Alice Evans claimed that her 13-year-old husband, Ioan Gruffudd, who had been a long-time psychologically abusive, left home saying he didn’t love her.

Actress Alice Evans announced that her husband, Ioan Gruffudd, whom she met on the set of 102 Dalmatians and had been with for 20 years, wanted a divorce.

“Sad news. My 20-year-old husband, my soul mate, Ioan Gruffudd, will leave his family from next week,” the 49-year-old actress shared on her social media account.

Evans said, “We are astonished with my daughters Ella (11) and Elsie (7). He didn’t tell us a reason except that he doesn’t love me anymore. I’m sorry.”

Confused, Alice Evans’ resounding tweet was soon deleted. However, the actress with America claimed that the tweet was deleted by her husband.

Evans recently suggested that Ioan Gruffudd, who played Dr Daniel Harrow in Harrow, was subjected to psychological violence.

Written by Maraaz

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