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A star is born: Pedri

Andres Iniesta was playing for Barcelona B at the age of 17. Xavi had not made his first match with Barcelona yet. Now 17-year-old Pedri has already begun to make a name for himself with the Barcelona jersey …

5 Million Euros. When Pedri became a big star of Barcelona 10 years later, we will remember this figure as the amount Barça paid Las Palmas for Pedri. No doubt that will come quite a bit then.

Last year, those who watched the Spanish second league knew the Pedri’s potential. When he came to Barcelona, ​​La Liga followers saw it and finally, he introduced himself to the whole of Europe in the Juventus match.

“It is impressive to know how old he is. He also showed his character today. It is happy to show that level and that character at this age. Pedri will be a great player for Barcelona.

Ronaldo Koeman expressed his views on Pedri after the Champions League match against Juventus.

Pedri, who stayed on the field for 90 minutes in the match that Barcelona won on the road to Juventus, achieved a 95.2% passing hit according to OPTA data, winning 10 of the 18 double battles he entered.

Beginning at Getafe on 17 October and El Clasico on 24 October, Pedri spent 90 minutes on the field for the first time in the Juventus match and heralded the birth of a star to the whole world in the Champions League stage.

Written by Maraaz

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