8 thousand square kilometers burned in California

8 thousand square kilometers burned in California

In the fires that started last month in the US state of California, 809 thousand hectares, or 8 thousand 90 square kilometers burned. The fire record has broken in the region that has experienced great fires before.

Fires that started on August 13 in the state of California in the United States continue. The fires, which spread to 40 thousand acres in less than 24 hours, damaged 809 thousand hectares after 25 days.

It is not yet clear when the fires, which cover an area of more than 8 thousand kilometers in total, will be brought under control.

Thousands of people left their homes due to the fires.

More than 200 campers were rescued by helicopters, stranded by a wildfire in the US state of California. US President Donald Trump declared the fires a major disaster on August 23.

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