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5,000 National Guard to remain in Washington for Trump’s impeachment trial in Senate

It was stated that large-scale protests are expected against former US President Donald Trump due to the impeachment trial in the Senate and that the US Congress will be protected by 5,000 National Guard.


Following the January 6 Congressional crackdown in the US, the nearly 26,000 National Guard deployed in the capital Washington for Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony on January 20 began to gradually retreat.

On the other hand, according to the news that Politico based on sources close to the subject, large-scale demonstrations are expected to be held due to Trump’s impeachment investigation, which will begin in the week of February 8.

In addition, 5 thousand National Guard will serve in the city to protect the Congress.

In the raid in the US Congress on January 6, 5 people, including one police officer, died and dozens were injured. The impeachment clause against Trump, accused by the Democrats of “incitement to rebellion,” was accepted in the vote in the House of Representatives. Whether Trump is guilty of Congress events will be decided in a vote in the Senate.

Written by Maraaz

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