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17 decrees from US President Biden reversing the Trump administration’s decisions on the first day of his mandate

On his first day in office, US President Biden signed 17 decrees to reject Donald Trump’s policies.

New York

US President Joe Biden entered the Oval Office at the White House, where he arrived after the inauguration ceremonies ended, and signed his first decrees to reject the policies frequently discussed during the Trump era.

US President Biden first made a decision mandating the wearing of masks in federal buildings and campuses due to Covid-19.

Return to international agreements Biden, who put the fight against climate change as one of its priorities, signed the presidential decree to re-participate in the Paris Climate Agreement, from which Trump, who denied global warming, withdrew.

Biden also signed a decree to return to the World Health Organization, where Trump left after the Covid-19 outbreak. Trump canceled one of his first actions Biden also lifted the travel ban against some Muslim countries, which was initiated by Donald Trump with the decree he signed about a week after he took office.

Biden also signed a decree to cut funds from the wall built on the Mexican border, one of the most controversial decisions of the Trump era.

Decree on the cancellation of the oil pipeline project Biden also signed a decree on the cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline project, which Obama rejected in November 2015 for environmental reasons after 7 years of evaluation, but approved by Donald Trump.

The 2,735-kilometer oil pipeline project, which will carry Canadian oil to the refineries of the USA in the Gulf of Mexico, was expected to transfer approximately 800 thousand barrels of oil per day. Biden signed a total of 17 separate decrees on his first day at the White House.

Biden told reporters at the Oval Office that Donald Trump left him a “very generous” letter, but he would not share the content of the letter.

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